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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Islam and American Justice

On Saturday evening, Feb. 22nd, the University of Pennsylvania Law School hosted the "Eighth Annual Muslim Law Students Conference," on the topic of "Muslim Obligations in Promoting Justice in America." The fairly innocuous and well-meaning title of the program masked the true intent, which was to lull the students and our society into a false sense of complacency regarding the real aims and effects of Islamic incursion in American society -- which Stephen Coughlin explains in “To Our Great Detriment."

We were greeted with "As-Salamu 'Alaykum" upon entering the conference and by speakers, prior to presentation; responding with "AslimTaslam.”

The attendees, American Muslim law students, along with a few foreign students and lawyers, presented a mixed canvas racially, yet each person is culturally Islamic and a member of the ummah. The speakers and each future American lawyer claimed that Islam has been misinterpreted for 1,400 years.
Professor Faisal Kutty, presented a bogus definition of jihad and Islamophobia. He spoke of jihad as if it were apple pie with vanilla ice cream, splitting the term "jihad" into  Lesser Jihad, offensive/defensive military struggle, and Greater Jihad, personal struggle for good against evil. He downplayed the importance of Jihad’s military meaning, ignoring the majority of references in the Qur'an which compel Muslims to wage a military struggle; jihad is possibly the Sixth Pillar of Islam.

Jihad is offensive. Duplicity and deception tactically confuse opponents and are inherent in Islam. The military conquest of formerly Christian, Jewish, Hindu lands within 100 years of Islam’s founding is termed "da’wa-jihad." Much of that empire still stands under the Islamic culture forced on the conquered cultures.

Islam considers itself to be supremacist and must be victorious over all other religions and cultures. Islam spreads first by invitation, "Aslim Taslam," which means "Submit and Be at Peace." If that isn't effective then conquest by the sword is followed by dhimmitude, second-class citizenry, including no right for the Dhimmi to defend themselves.
If Islam does not succeed in becoming the world’s only true religion, Muslims will not have fulfilled Allah’s Quranic commands to proselytize Islam throughout the world through da'wa and Jihad, violently or nonviolently. This is accomplished with 100% impunity from Allah, as per the Qur’an. Christianity is a proselytizing religion, but Christianity does not permit the use of violence to proselytize, whereas it is inherent in Islam. Muslims quote the Qur’an saying, “There is no compulsion in religion.” But that statement is superseded and abrogated by later statements in the Qur’an that endorse violent compulsion in the spread of Islam.
Professor Kutty further claimed that terrorism had only killed 5 people in the last ten years. Presumably he was referring to the U.S. alone, ignoring events like Major Hassan’s slaughter of military personnel at Fort Hood, Texas. The more than 10,000 terror attacks worldwide over the last 10 years predominately committed by Muslims against fellow Muslims and thousands of Christians, Jews, and Hindus were also ignored.

He claimed that the popular definition of jihad is only accepted by the Taliban and by al-Qaeda, stating they sought to reinterpret the historical meaning of jihad to support their violence ignoring 1,400 years of Islamic history readily available from Muslim Law sources, such as The Reliance Of The Traveller.    
Lecture number two was delivered by Amara Chaurhry-Kravitz, a female, secular Muslim lawyer, who detailed her experiences with Civil Rights in the Arab/Muslim community. She represents women and LGBT victims, suggesting many violations within the community were against women subject to Sharia law involving child custody, domestic violence, and inheritance rights.
We further learned from Ms. Chaurhry-Kravitz, who represents CAIR, how absurd it is that her organizations, Council American Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America, are associated with terrorism. She made light of the Holy Land Foundation Trial, and CAIR being named unindicted Muslim Brotherhood co-conspirators. 

She purposefully ignored the fact that ISNA, CAIR and the Muslims Students Union are all organizations founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.
She blithely dismissed the dangers of Sharia, stating that Sharia only relates to matters of family disputes and inheritance rights. If that were so no one would care about Sharia any more htan they do about Jewish Halakha law and Catholic Canon courts’ judging the annulments of marriages.

It is precisely Sharia teaching about Jihad, the killing of apostates in line with Ridda blasphemy laws as well as the definition of democracy as blasphemy, that raise the most profound concerns. These violations of our Bill of Rights are what makes Sharia incompatible with a representative free democracy. This reality wasn’t addressed.
She attempted to define what constitutes Muslim racial and civil rights profiling, giving examples of harassment of Muslims "flying while brown." She went on to define Islamophobia as an irrational fear of Islam, as if it weren't a real concern. It's certainly real to Hindus, Jews, Coptic, Maronite, Sudanese and Nigerian Christians among many others.  How is Islamophobia irrational, as we read about savage attacks on innocent populations? Just this past Feb 25th, 2014, fifty-nine children were hacked and burned to death in Nigeria.
Lecture number three by a Muslim women's lawyer, Fatina Abdrabboh Esq., dealt with Arab civil rights violations by Muslims in the Arab Muslim community. She, somewhat uncomfortably, spoke of the many violations within the community against women, without making the connection that the violations often appear to be a result of Sharia law conformity in Muslim society.

The final lecture was by Professor Ramzi Kassem, a defender of prisoners' rights at Gitmo and “black” sites, where jihadists are allegedly interred without due process. He painted a picture of the USA as a Stalinist state, where every Muslim’s privacy rights are violated with informer recruiting and fishing expeditions

Professor Kassem decried the use of classified evidence, instead twice mentioning an unidentified Israeli agent as the witness against a particular detainee  -- a code for USA investigations working at Israel's request. He did not mention that the Gitmo detainees’ recidivism rate was substantial; once released it’s right back to the battlefield as jihadists and terrorists. We were listening to a lawyer in the business of representing Muslim terrorists.

The conference presenters described Islamic concepts of justice utilizing a Marxist model of oppressors and the oppressed.

Sharia law and its compelling actions originate from the Qur'an and other Islamic doctrine. Sharia is viewed by Muslim authorities as central to a Muslim's existence. This BBC program is an example of da'wa-jihad.

We recognize that not all of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims wish to live under Sharia. But a significant minority uses guns, violence, and savagery to enforce Sharia and dictate ummah behavior. Muslim moderates are too weak to do anything other than delude themselves. This holds no doctrinal currency. Where Islam is strong, dissent is silenced by Ridda, blasphemy laws. Islam can never be reformed by political correctness in America and if ever reformed, it must happen in Mecca, Medina, Qum, and Al-Azhar in Egypt, as well as on the battlefield where the neck-cutters are strongest.
If Jihadists and their supporters represent 20% of the world’s Muslim population (as suggested by polling), that would amount to approximately 300,000,000 people -- roughly equal to the population of the USA. A similar ratio of the U.S. Muslim population would result in 60,000 Jihadists and supporters among American Muslims.
The United States of America was founded primarily upon Judeo-Christian culture and values, which birthed our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as a guide to limit governance. The Constitution is not a progressive tool. It represents our unalienable rights and natural law as articulated in the Old and New Testaments. The Judeo-Christian tradition holds all people are fundamentally equal, with each life having transcendent value as a gift from God.
Either we Americans move ahead on a delusional and suicidal path of adopting ideologies inimical to our historical values and laws in order to avoid confrontation, or we abandon political correctness and ignorance about Islam and Sharia and confront Islamic law as adults.

We Americans must exhibit fortitude and say to Islam, and its millions of ignorant, delusional, useful idiot apologists, that Islam represents an existentially deadly Clash of Civilizations,  opposing the U.S. constitution and Judeo-Christianity along with Hinduism and all non-Islamic cultures.

We cannot live with that threat without legislating against Sharia and making it 100% clear that the Constitution of The United States of America is the law of our land.  We must all assume the oath that all government, military, and law enforcement members take, "to protect and preserve the Constitution of the USA against all enemies outside our borders as well as the Trojan Horses within.”

Each year a new cadre of Muslim lawyers graduates from American law schools.  Do these Muslim lawyers represent Islamic culture and Sharia, or American culture and our Constitution?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Extremist Chaplains, Literature Flooding U.S. Prisons The high number of former prison inmates involved in Islamic terrorism shows inroads the Saudi 'Wahhabi machine' in the U.S.

The Virginia-based Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, an extremist mosque attended by three of the 9/11 hijackers with extensive links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, is fundraising for its outreach to inmates. The fundraising pitch quotes an extremist cleric and says the mosque has been working with the Washington, D.C. jail for 10 years.
“For over a decade Dar Al-Hijrah has been supporting the spiritual growth of Muslim inmates in the
DC jail, CTF [Correctional Treatment Facility] and youth offenders,” the announcement states.
The request is specifically for donations to send 100 Qurans to the inmates.
There’s a sign of danger even in the announcement itself. It uses a quote from the Islamist theologian Ibn Taymiyya, “Let my imprisonment be a spiritual retreat.”
The choice of this particular Islamic cleric gives us insight into the ideology of the mosque’s leadership.
Atta Barkindo, a respected researcher on political Islamwrites, “some scholars suggest there is probably no other Islamic theologian, medieval or otherwise, who has had as much influence on radical political ideology of Islam as Ibn Taymiyya.” This includes the leaders of Al-Qaeda.
In fact, Osama Bin Laden quoted Taymiyya in 2003, pointing to when he said, “to drive off the enemy aggressor who destroys both religion and the world—there is no religious duty more important than this, apart from belief itself. This is an unconditional rule.”
The basis of Taymiyya’s preaching is that sharia must be the form of governance, a premise that “runs contrary to the demands of the fundamental principles of democracy.” He argued that the failure to do this is responsible for the descent of the Muslim world, and it would continue until Muslims overthrew their leaders that did not implement sharia governance.
On the topic of jihad, Steve Simon of the Brookings Instituteexplains that Taymiyya is responsible for the “elevation of jihad—not the spiritual struggle that many modern Muslims take it to be, but physical combat against unbelievers—to the rank of the canonical five pillars of Islam.”
Due to Taymiyya, jihad would become considered the “sixth pillar” of Islam by millions of Muslims. The primary focus of Muslims should be the “near enemy” instead of the “far enemy,” Taymiyya said.
His ideology would later inspire Salafism, the virulent form of Islam promoted by Saudi Arabia.
The documented history of Dar al-Hijrah shows that this mosque has been consistently radical in its beliefs. In January 2013, itsimam, Shaker El-Sayed preached in favor of violent jihad at a Virginia high school. Using language that Taymiyya would agree with, El-Sayed told the audience that Muslims should be “first in thejihad line” and condemned Muslims who “bow down to Western pressure.”
A Customs and Border Protection document of the mosque in 2002 explicitly said it is “operating as a front for Hamas operatives in the U.S.” A December 2007 document said it “has been linked to numerous individuals linked to terrorism financing” and “has also been associated with encouraging fraudulent marriages.”
Dar al-Hijrah’s involvement in the Washington, D.C. prison system is part of a broader problem.
The Islamic Society of North America, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial, has a Chaplaincy Services Department that endorses chaplains for the Bureau of Prisons (and the U.S. military).
In 2003, Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) demanded that the Office of the Inspector General review the Bureau of Prisons’ relationship with ISNA. At the time, ISNA was the only Muslim group that filed the necessary paperwork to be approved as a chaplain endorser.
In a 2003 hearing, Schumer used the example of Warith Deen Umar, the administrative chaplain of the New York Department of Correctional Services who hired prison clerics. He was banned from New York prisons in 2002 after he was caught teaching Muslim inmates that the 9/11 terrorists are heroes that should be emulated. Schumer also mentioned that a New York State prison chaplain in Auburn was arrested earlier in the year for illegally transferring millions of dollars to Iraq.
ISNA did not distance itself from Umar after he was exposed. Hespoke at its 2009 convention where he preached that the U.S. is hostage to a Jewish conspiracy and that the Holocaust victims “were punished for a reason because they were serially disobedient toAllah.” He also said “there should be more jihad.
Schumer expressed his concern about ISNA’s involvement in the prison system. He pointed out that Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an extremely radical cleric, is an ISNA board member, as is Bassam Osman. He used to be the director of the Koran Literary Institute in Illinois whose assets were frozen in 1998 because of evidence it was financing Hamas.
Schumer warned that the Islamist involvement in the prison system was part of an overall offensive.
 “As the Saudis turned a blind eye, the Wahhabi machine is becoming well-financed, politically powerful, difficult to prosecute and making dramatic inroads here in the United States. Let me give you an example of how Wahhabism has reached some degree of havoc in my own backyard in New York State,” Schumer said.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
In 2008, anti-Islamist Muslim Stephen Schwartz reviewed a list of all the Islamic literature and videos used by the Bureau of Prisons. The list included:
  • 200 entries by Maulana Maududi, the founder of the Pakistani Islamist group, Jamaat-e-Islami
  • 175 entries by Imam Siraj Wahhaj 
  • 30 entries by Sayyid Qutb, the Muslim Brotherhood cleric that inspired Osama Bin Laden
  • 33 entries by Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the terrorism-supporting spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • 185 entries from Jamal Badawi, an ISNA board member andsupporter of Hamas and “combative jihad.” He is also an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial and is close to Qaradawi.
  • 19 entries by Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism
  • 9 entries idolizing al-Wahhab
  • 280 entries by South African Islamist Abdullah Hakim Quick
  • 250 entries by South African Islamist Ahmed Deedat
  • 125 entries by Jamal Zarabozo, a white American Islamist 
  • Texts by Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam
A 2010 FBI report found that the sermons of Anwar al-Awlaki, a former Dar al-Hijrah imam who led an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen until he was killed by a U.S. drone strike, could be found in prison libraries across the country.
The Nation of Islam, an extremely anti-American and anti-Semitic group, has a Prison Reform Ministry. In December, the ministry director visited seven institutions in Pennsylvania.
Muslims of the Americas, a front for a Pakistani terrorist group named Jamaat ul-Fuqra, has a large number of ex-convicts as members. The group has 22 “Islamic villages” around the country and there is videotape of female members receiving paramilitary instruction at its headquarters in Hancock, New York.
The Sankore Institute of Islamic African Studies International, a very radical Pennsylvania-based group that says jihad is obligatory and believes constitutional democracy is antithetical to Islam, saysits curriculum is being taught to 400 Muslim inmates in two California facilities alone.
Ex-convicts are reported to make up a large percentage of its membership. The “outreach” section of its website only lists one initiative: "inmate services."
The high number of former prison inmates involved in Islamic terrorism led to Congressional hearings in 2011. At the time, the hearings were derided as “racist and as discriminatory.”
The Islamists are paying attention to the prison system. So should we, before it is too late.

Alleged Plot to Impose Islamism on UK Schools Revealed A letter purporting to be from a Birmingham based Islamist reveals a detailed plot to impose Islamist practices on state-run British schools

A letter, which details a plot to takeover British state schools and use them to teach extremist interpretations of Islam, came into the possession of members of the Birmingham City Council. It was later leaked to British media. It was allegedly a correspondence between two Islamists, one in Birmingham and one in Bradford, both in the UK.
"Operation Trojan Horse," as it is named in the letter, sets out a strategy on how to remove uncooperative teachers and replace them with Islamists and eliminate mixed sports and other activities have been deemed 'un-Islamic.' It names four schools as having already been successfully taken over in Birmingham: Adderley Primary, Saltley School, Park View School and Regents Park Community School.
The plan detailed in the letter is simple. It requires first recruiting support from parents of children at the school, preferably "hardline," Salafi parents. These parents are then to form a united front to pressure the head teacher and individuals to conform to the Islamist doctrine and practice i.e. compulsory hijabs, only halalmeat, compulsory Islamic prayer etc.
Campaigns of harassment and intimidation are to be used to eventually force uncooperative teachers to quit, so they can be replaced with more compliant teachers. Writing to MPs, governors and teachers and complaining about the standard of education are tactics recommended in the letter.  Parents are asked to say "that the school is corrupting their children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children pray Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sports."
Religious coercion in Britain's state schools is illegal. For those who prefer a particular religious environment for their children a provision for religious schools exists, and there are many Muslim schools in the UK, along with other faith schools, that receive state funding.
Some have argued that the letter is a fraud. Tahir Alam, the former chair of the education committee of the Muslim Council of Britain, called the letter "a malicious fabrication and completely untrue." He is, however, named personally in the letter and is closely involved in Muslim education in schools.
One teacher, Michael White, claims that after Alam became chairman of the board of governors at Park View school, he was forced from his position as head of Mathematics. He had tried to block attempts to appoint unqualified Islamists to teaching positions and opposed the banning of sex education. He told The Daily Mail, "It was a highly-organised, clever operation that I was powerless to fight." According to the Telegraph, a senior teacher at Park View "repeatedly endorsed the terrorist ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki at school assemblies." Awlaki was a high ranking al-Qaeda leader and propogandist who was a major influence on the jihadist movement. He was killed in 2011.
Aside from Alam's role in the Muslim Council of Britain, he is vice-chair of the Association of Muslim Schools. Last year at its conference one of the speakers attacked "attempts to integrate Muslim children" as an effort "to produce new generations that will reject Islam."
Although the letter is unsigned and undated, there is plenty of corroborating evidence to support the claims it makes. Teachers who have been forced to resign have lined up to tell their stories. One teacher reported how Islamists turned against her after she reported children in her class returning from after school Qu'ran class covered in bruises. She said people arrived at the school asking her class for any incriminating evidence against her.
The Telegraph's London editor Andrew Gilligan said "whether or not the letter is genuine, much of what it describes is certainly real." According to Telegraph investigations, "there is indeed an organised group of Muslim teachers, education consultants, school governors and activists dedicated to furthering what one of them describes as an “Islamising agenda” in Birmingham’s schools."  
The Telegraphs goes on to say that Islamist activists, who are members of the local Muslim communities in Birmingham, convene in person and online to discuss ways of furthering their Islamist agenda. Conversations from a private WhatsApp Group called "Educational Activists" were leaked to the Telegraph. One entry, which was apparently "typical" crowed: "A battle was fought and won tonight at a large inner city primary school where the governors voted by 8-7 in favor of collective worship that is wholly or mainly of an Islamic character, thereby overturning five years of 'children pray in their own way and language’! The governing body is now polarized on faith grounds."
This is not the first time that attempts to Islamize education have caused controversy. Last month an Islamic boy's school was warned by the Department of Education under gender equality law for advertising a position as a temporary science teacher only for male applicants.
The Telegraph names several prominent Muslim community figures as involved in the effort. Other papers including the Guardian and The Daily Mail name a variety of individuals and schools as involved. So far, there no specific organization has been linked to the campaign. Individuals involved within the campaign are affiliated with a myriad of groups, councils and committees.
Whether the letter itself is a forgery, investigations have revealed a clearly orchestrated and organized campaign. The goal is straightforward: to impose a strict Islamic education upon British children in order to pass on a radical interpretation of the Muslim faith.

Honor Diaries - Official Trailer

Turkey Bans YouTube Less Than A Week After Banning Twitter Erdogan's government have banned the video sharing website after leaked government audio tapes were uploaded to it.

Turkey have banned YouTube after the video sharing website was used to disseminate leaked a recording of government officials. The news comes only a week after he banned Twitter, vowing to show the "power of the Turkish republic." The news comes 3 days before local elections.
The ban was put in place by the Telecommunication Directorate (TIB). It used new sweeping powers granted by an internet bill passed on February 6th. A notice on the TIB website made the announcement.
It said "After technical analysis and legal consideration based on the Law Nr. 5651, ADMINISTRATION MEASURE has been taken for this website ( according to Decision Nr. 490.05.01.2014.-48125 dated 27/03/2014 of Telekomünikasyon İletişim Başkanlığı"
The leaked video which prompted the shutdown showed ministers discussing a possibile attack on Syria with a high-ranking general. A partial transcript in english is being shared on social media. If genuine, it includes evidence that Turkey was planning a false flag attack on its own soil in order to provide justification for the war. 
Erdogan has threatened to block youtube and facebook in the past. He called social media the "worst menace to society." Corruption allegations have dogged his administration for months. Turkish journalist Burak Bekdil told Clarion Project last week that "everyone who opposes Erdogan lives in fear."
Erdogan's policies have caused widespread anger in Turkey. Most recently protests flared up after the death of Berkin Elvan, a 15 year old boy who died in early March after a 9 month coma. Police had shot him in the head with a tear gas canister.
It remains to be seen what response this latest attack on civil liberties will provoke.

Saudi King Holds Daughters Prisoners for 13 Years The princesses' mother, who fled to London after the couple's divorce, broke the silence on British TV about her daughters' plight.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has kept four of his daughters locked in a royal compound in Jeddah for the last 13 years. Their mother, his second wife who fled to London after the couple's divorce, broke the silence and told Britain’s Channel Four about their plight. She has not seen her children for 10 years.
Princess Alanoud Al Fayez married then Prince Abdullah in an arranged marriage when she as just 15. She bore him four daughters: Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher. 
The four have been kept in a compound in the eastern port city of Jeddah, which they cannot leave without armed guards. Their passports have been taken away, and they are barred from leaving the country. Their villa is dilapidated and falling apart, far from the living quarters of the princesses’ privileged childhood.
Princess Sahar, the oldest of the four, was in email contact with Channel Four’s Fatima Manji. She sent pictures and descriptions of their life in the compound and explained the treatment that they are suffering.
She said “People don't realize how hard our situation is. They still see us as 'pampered' Saudi princesses ... We suffer on a daily basis.”
She also used the opportunity to attack the treatment of women in Saudi society, saying, “Women and children [in Saudi Arabia] are abused, while their male guardians enjoy privileges granted by the court in cases of domestic abuse. Princes and the elite entourage are protected and the victims and their families suffer injustice.”
She said that she was speaking out after her father, thought to be 89 years old, threatened that they would remain captives even after his death, as their brothers would continue to imprison them.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Syria: Islamic jihadists kidnap 94 Alawite women and children, demand release of 2,000 jihadist prisoners in exchange

This is the kind of math that the “Palestinians” have taught the world in their prisoner exchanges with Israel. In any case, kidnapping infidels and releasing them for ransom or killing them, as well as exchanging them for Muslim prisoners if that option is deemed most advantageous for the Muslims, is fully sanctioned in Islamic law: “As for the captives, the amir [ruler] has the choice of taking the most beneficial action of four possibilities: the first to put them to death by cutting their necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale and manumission; the third, to ransom them in exchange for goods or prisoners; and fourth, to show favor to them and pardon them. Allah, may he be exalted, says, ‘When you encounter those [infidels] who deny [the Truth=Islam] then strike [their] necks’ (Qur’an sura 47, verse 4)” — Abu’l-Hasan al-Mawardi, al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah (The Laws of Islamic Governance), trans. by Dr. Asadullah Yate, (London), Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd., 1996, p. 192.
“Islamist rebels in Syria claim kidnapping of 94 civilians,” from Reuters, March 14
Sunni Islamist rebels in Syria have claimed responsibility for kidnapping at least 94 women and children belonging to President Bashar al-Assad’s minority Alawite sect, according to a video published on Thursday.
The civilians were abducted in August from villages in rural Latakia, the president’s coastal stronghold. The rebels said they were holding the hostages to secure the release of opposition supporters from government detention.
Thousands of people are thought to be imprisoned by both sides in the increasingly sectarian civil war, which enters its fourth year this month.
The video, obtained by Qatari-owned television station Al Jazeera, said the rebels were ready to swap the civilians for 2,000 prisoners who have been detained for more than a year.
It stipulated that most of the freed prisoners be from coastal areas of the country and that half of them be women and children, Al Jazeera said….

Thailand: Muslims shoot Buddhist teacher, then douse her in gasoline and set her on fire

“She is apparently a victim of the insurgency, not personal issues, because the suspects scattered fliers with anti-Buddhist messages before they fled.” World attention, however, focuses entirely on Muslims as victims of unprovoked (that is, according to the mainstream media narrative) Buddhist aggression. In that narrative, Muslims are the victims of unprovoked aggression the world over. Non-Muslims gratuitously decided to attack them for no reason whatsoever. What is remarkable about this ludicrous narrative is how widely it is believed.
“Muslim insurgents shoot then set on fire Buddhist teacher in Thailand,” by Cheryl K. Chumley for theWashington Times, March 14 (thanks to Twostellas):
A 42-year-old Buddhist teacher on her way to school in southern Thailand on Friday was targeted and shot twice in the head, then doused in gasoline and set on fire by suspected Muslim insurgents.
The woman taught English and was riding her motorcycle to work when the gunman — who was riding his own motorbike — fired off the shots to her head, said police Maj. Gen. Pete Susysuwan, in The Associated Press. Other suspected insurgents then helped to set her body on fire, police said.
“She is apparently a victim of the insurgency, not personal issues, because the suspects scattered fliers with anti-Buddhist messages before they fled,” he said, in the AP report.
The authorities are still seeking the suspects.
More than 5,000 have been killed in Islamic insurgency attacks that have gone forth in Thailand since 2004, AP reported.

Florida: Muslim plotted to plant explosives in Tampa’s party district as payback for Osama’s death

Nightclubs: haram. Bombing nightclubs and murdering people: halal. Especially when avenging Osama bin Laden. Is anyone in Tampa asking how Sami Osmakac came to misunderstand so spectacularly the religion they are committed as a matter of dogma to regarding as peaceful? He castigated even the local Muslims, according to this piece. But did he have any allies among them? Or was he “radicalized” on the Internet, as is the common theme these days? If so, is anyone doing anything to try to head off the similar “radicalization” of young Muslims? Or are such efforts strictly limited to “outreach” to Muslim communities, and the like?
“Osmakac considered several terrorism options, court documents say,” by Keith Morelli for the Tampa Tribune, March 13 (thanks to Halal Pork Shop):
TAMPA — Sami Osmakac toyed with the idea of blowing up the bridges crossing Tampa Bay or detonating bombs at the sheriff’s office and police departments before settling on a plan to plant explosives in Tampa’s Hyde Park party district and then spraying first responders with automatic gunfire, according to recently released court documents.

The planned January 2012 attack, Osmakac said in a “martyrdom video,” would be “payback for Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, may he rest in peace. ”
The plots are detailed in a 37-page report by a terrorism expert hired by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa to help in its case against Osmakac, a self-described jihadist who said he was too radical even for Hamas and other fringe Muslim groups….
The report paints a chilling portrait of Osmakac as a radical Muslim who ridiculed the Muslim community in the Tampa area as being “enamored with material wealth” and said he worried more about being turned in by local Muslims than “infidels.”…
The defense is arguing Osmakac was entrapped and that because of mental illness, he was susceptible to being influenced….
The report said Osmakac made trips overseas, though the reasons weren’t clear. He was in Turkey and Turkmenistan and was turned away from the Syrian border. That’s when he decided to plan a terrorism attack in the United States, according to a transcript of a conversation between him and an undercover agent.
In one recording Osmakac says:
“My dream was always here. It’s better for, to get it, for them to get it here … ‘cause that’s why America loves to go to war with people, ‘cause they think nobody can attack them in their country. That’s why they’re so shocked about the Muslims. Because they brought it here … ”
Osmakac discussed a plan to use fishing boats to plant bombs on the bridges that span Tampa Bay and even one bridge in Sarasota. All he needed, he said was five people, maybe fewer, to carry out the plot.
“They’ll really be terrified,” he told the confidential informant. “Just take down the bridges, they can’t do nothing for a month. Nobody’s going to work, that’s gonna stop like three million people. They gonna be stopped. This area has millions, with Pinellas and Tampa … has like two, three million people. They all, nobody’s going to work.”…

Nigeria: Hundreds of Islamic jihadists attack barracks, university, civil servants’ living area

The world will take little notice, however, until non-Muslims begin to fight back on a large scale. Their beginning to fight back is already a focus of the full BBC report excerpted here, and no doubt if this continues, we will soon hear about “atrocities” committed against Boko Haram, and about how it is being subjected to “ethnic cleansing” in northern Nigeria — for the moral inversion of the mainstream media is monstrous, unrelenting, and universal.
“Nigeria Boko Haram: ‘Hundreds’ attack Maiduguri,” from the BBC, March 14:
Hundreds of militants have staged a multi-pronged attack on the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, witnesses say.
On entering the city, the attackers split into smaller groups – heading for the barracks, the university and an area where civil servants live.
The assault on the barracks was an attempt by the attackers to free colleagues held there, a military spokesman said.
Militants suspected to be from Boko Haram have killed 500 people this year….
Human Rights Watch says in a report that the attacks by Boko Haram are having a devastating impact on the population of north-eastern Nigeria.
Quoting United Nations figures, it says some 300,000 people have fled their homes over the past year.
“Even if the government can’t stop the attacks, at the very least, it can meaningfully assist the people who have been most devastated by them,” says HRW’s Africa director Daniel Bekele.
Boko Haram was founded in Maiduguri in 2009. It wants northern Nigeria to become an Islamic state.

Islamic Jihad top dog: Negotiations gain “nothing”

You may recall that Ramadan Shalah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad top dog, was once a “moderate” professor at the University of South Florida, brought there by Sami al-Arian, the once and future poster boy for Islamic victimhood, who was in reality an Islamic Jihad operative himself. In saying that negotiations gain nothing, he is announcing that he will accepted no negotiated settlement that Mahmoud Abbas may sign, no matter how favorable it is to the “Palestinians.” Barack Obama and John Kerry should take heed. They will not.
“Islamic Jihad leader: Negotiations gain ‘nothing,’” by Ali Hashem for Al-Monitor, March 14:
TEHRAN — Amid the sprawl of the Iranian capital, I met one of the most wanted men in the world, a man with a $5 million bounty on his head — Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Abdullah Shalah.
As we met, Shalah’s organization was reviving a cease-fire with Israel, thanks to Egyptian mediation, less than 24 hours after the most recent storms of war struck the Gaza Strip. Tensions erupted March 11 when an Israeli airstrike killed three Palestinians in the southern city of Khan Yunis. Islamic Jihadand other armed Palestinian factions retaliated by launching 130 rockets across the border in the most intense confrontation since the November 2012 war, which also ended with an Egypt-brokered truce.
I asked Shalah about the restored truce and whether it had been coordinated with Hamas. The UK-educated jihadist said that his group had been contacted by the Egyptians, who offered to mediate.
“We told them we are committed to the last truce as far as the Israelis are committed, so it’s as much restoring the last truce as signing a new one,” said Shalah. He elaborated, “During the past two years we were committed to the truce, but the Israeli occupation continued to break it. The Palestinian factions observed during these years maximum restraint, but after the last attack by Israel, we felt that they are miscalculating our response. Israel might have started thinking that we’re afraid or that all the equations set during the previous wars are void due to the situation in the region. We wanted to tell the enemy and the friend not to misunderstand us. It’s true that we signed a truce in 2012 — a truce, not a surrender document.”
“Was this coordinated with Hamas?” I asked, citing a Hamas official who claimed to know nothing about the truce. Shalah responded, ”Maybe there was a delay, but all that we do is coordinated.” He further explained, “We both coordinate all our moves together, in war and peace. I’ll reveal something: Just days ago, I was the guest [in Qatar] of Abou Alwalid [Khaled Meshaal], and we held very detailed meetings to discuss almost everything, but mainly the resistance and the situation in Gaza, so whoever says there’s no coordination knows nothing. We agreed together on retaliating if there’s any attack.”
“We both coordinate all our moves together, in war and peace.” That is good to remember the next time Islamic Jihad launches rocket attacks and the witless analysts in Washington start talking about how Hamas is becoming more “moderate.”
More of the interview follows:
Al-Monitor:  In the November 2012 war, Palestinian rockets struck Tel Aviv, which was then a game-changer. Should this war continue, are you going to strike Tel Aviv again?
Shalah:  Our experience proves that our performance from one war to another is getting better. If in 2012 we hit Tel Aviv, I think the enemy can imagine what could be beyond Tel Aviv.
Al-Monitor:  Some suggest this last escalation was requested by your regional partners.
Shalah:  It’s a shame to hear that some people think this way. Who started the war? Israel started the war. Unfortunately, our war with Israel is becoming more and more limited to Gaza. There’s an occupied Palestine that we have to liberate, and we won’t give up this objective. We always take this into consideration, but we do act in accordance with the circumstances in the region and our capabilities. Our resistance will continue as far as there is Israel, as far as there is occupation, the daily aggression against our people. Let me make it clear: Our arms are only for Palestine. Our arms aren’t for rent. We will continue until we see the Dome of the Rock, Jaffa and Haifa.
Al-Monitor Why don’t you accept taking the path of negotiation?
Shalah:  Because those who chose the negotiation path gained nothing. We all lost because of them. When the Oslo agreement was signed, there were 180,000 Israeli settlers. After Oslo, we have around 560,000. The West Bank today is full of settlements, Israeli checkpoints. [There are] detentions. Jerusalem is also suffering, especially with the Judaization process that saw many of its indigenous people thrown out of the city. Unfortunately, the Palestinian Authority [PA], in response, is banning the resistance, though there’s great potential, and our people are ready to rise up once again. Why are they committed to security coordination with Israel? What does security coordination mean? It means that the PA is working for Israel.
This is victimhood propaganda, of course. Negotiations won them the Sinai and a thriving jihad base in Gaza. Negotiations won them the end of wars in 1973 and 2006 that Israel could have and should have pressed forward to decisive victory.
Al-Monitor In Israel there is a campaign to declare Israel a Jewish state. What’s your take on this?
Shalah:  Declaring Israel a Jewish state means that they are the owners of the land and that for 1,400 years we were wrong, that we historically are invaders not only as Arabs but also Canaanites. It means that all our wars were baseless. Even our martyrs — [late Palestinian leader] Yasser Arafat, [Hamas co-founder] Ahmad Yassin, [Palestinian Islamic Jihad founder] Fathi Shaqaqi — would all be criminals and not freedom fighters. If we make such a compromise, we will soon see 1.5 million Palestinians in occupied Palestine crossing the river to Jordan. This will be the first step toward dividing the whole region into tiny sectarian states. For decades, we criticized and attacked the Sykes-Picot Agreement. If this happens, then we’ll write poetry in praise of Sykes-Picot. Syria is a clear example.
Al-Monitor:  For years before the Syrian crisis, you lived in Syria. Do you have any thoughts on the situation there and whether there’s any solution to the bloodshed?
Shalah:  Unfortunately, after three years no one is happy with the bloodshed. I think it’s obvious that all parties on the ground are quite certain a military solution is impossible. The only possible thing today is hopeless bloodshed. If the war continues this way, it might continue for another 100 years. This happened before in Europe between England and France. They fought for 116 years. It might happen here, too. Many other sectarian and religious wars lasted for hundreds of years. There’s no solution for Syria but politics, and here, everyone should be represented. I call on those asking [Palestinian] President Mahmoud Abbas to make painful compromises to Israel, why don’t you make some painful compromises and rid the Syrian people of this war?