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Monday, August 25, 2014

CAIR: Anti-Constitutional, Anti-Israel, and Anti-Semitic Hate Group

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) regained its 501(c)(3) tax exemption after it was revoked for failure to file tax returns.  The group was also accused credibly of ties with Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization, although not of providing it with material support such as money or weapons.

The Government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA and NAIT with HLF, the Islamic Association for Palestine (“IAP”), and with Hamas. While the Court recognizes that the evidence produced by the Government largely predates the HLF designation date, the evidence is nonetheless sufficient to show the association of these entities with HLF, IAP, and Hamas.

The purpose of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is to promote donations to genuine charitable, educational, religious, and humanitarian activities that benefit our society.  It is difficult to see how promotion of illegal activities, and verbal support for terroristic violence, conforms to this purpose. As reported by WorldNet Daily,
“If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch.
It is difficult to see how a seditious statement of this nature is consistent with any kind of charitable, educational, humanitarian, or legitimate religious mission.  Advocacy of the overthrow of the Constitution's Bill of Rights makes matters even worse.

Omar Ahmad, CAIR's chairman, announced in July 1998 that "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran ... should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth."

... Ihsan Bagby, a future CAIR board member, stated in the late 1980s that Muslims "can never be full citizens of this country," referring to the United States, "because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country."

This makes CAIR the equivalent of an organization like the German-American Bund, which was outlawed on December 11, 1941, the day Nazi Germany declared war on the United States.
CAIR Supports Terroristic Violence

It is a felony only to provide material support for terrorists, and this means weapons, money, and/or training.  It is not illegal to advocate for terrorists verbally or in writing, although one can question whether an organization that does this should benefit from tax exempt status.
October 12, 2001: Ghazi Kankan, executive director of CAIR's New York office at the time, defended Hamas's targeting of Israeli civilians. He told the Jewish Week that, like Hamas, he considered all Israelis over the age of 18 to be "military" because "they are all reserves."
During a panel discussion at Barry University in Florida, Nihad Awad said: "I used to support the PLO, and I used to be the President of the General Union of Palestine Students which is part of the PLO here in the United States, but after I researched the situation inside Palestine and outside, I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO."

CAIR also hosts, on its own website, an article called "The Zionist Attack on Jewish Values" by Lawrence Davidson, professor of Middle East history, West Chester University.  The last two paragraphs, which advocate boycott, divestment, and sanctions, are highly instructive.  Davidson is also popular with the Electronic Intifada and, where he talks about the "Israeli lobby."  CAIR has therefore self-identified as an enemy of Israel, and a friend of Islamist terrorists 

All this evidence indicates that CAIR is a problem reminiscent of the German-American Bund, and an enemy of the United States Constitution.  Its members should remember that the many rights they enjoy in the United States includes the right to renounce their citizenship and leave.  If they believe in statements like "Freedom Go to Hell" and "Islam will dominate the world," there are plenty of countries in the Middle East and Central Asia where they would feel far more at home.
Remember that the last ideology that said it would dominate the world came with a swastika.  The owner of this page, incidentally, included a post favorable to Osama bin Laden, and right below it a cartoon (copyrighted) that complains of media bias that depicts Muslims as terrorists.  This is known as "tripping over one's own taqqiya."  Although the Nazis also said openly that they were going to dominate the world, they were at least smart enough to lie intelligently.

The takeaway is, however, the fact that CAIR officials have made similar statements.  This makes the organization a problem, and we need to watch it carefully for anything it might do to deserve permanent revocation of its tax exemption.  Here is the form one uses to file an official complaint with the IRS.  Remember, though, that the organization must actually do something that violates its tax-exempt status; mere dislike of its activities does not qualify.  Until this happens, public opprobrium is the best recourse, and CAIR's invitation to Al Sharpton has just put it on record as an anti-Semitic hate group.  Racism is somewhat less credible only because CAIR's membership includes Caucasians.

Al Sharpton: the Klan with a Tan

As reported by The Clarion Project:
Reverend Al Sharpton, host of PoliticsNation on MSNBC and former presidential candidate, will be the keynote speaker at the annual fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity with an extremist history.
CAIR’s 20th Annual Banquet will be held on September 27 in Arlington, Virginia and also features Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN).
Keith Ellison compared the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the Reichstag fire, and hinted that the U.S. government might have been involved.  "The fact is that I'm not saying September 11 was a U.S. plan or anything like that because, you know, that's how they put you in the nut-ball box – dismiss you."  Moran made a "Jews control America" statement prior to the Iraq war.

If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should.
Al Sharpton is, however, even worse.  If somebody made the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan his keynote speaker, it would be pretty clear what his organization thought of black people and Jews.  CAIR has similarly made its opinion of Jews perfectly clear, and if its membership did not include Caucasians, racism also would be on the table.  Sharpton's history speaks for itself.
  • In 1988, Sharpton and his entourage falsely accused citizens of Wappingers Falls, NY, of raping Tawana Brawley.  Sharpton was later convicted of defamation (civil tort) as a result.
  • In 1991, Sharpton helped provoke the Crown Heights riots, in which a rampaging mob murdered a Jew.  Sharpton has used anti-Semitic language like "diamond merchants" to describe Jews.
  • In 1995, Sharpton's National Action Network paraded around a Jewish-owned store, Freddy's Fashion Mart, while screaming about "bloodsucking Jews," "cracker lovers," "don't give the Jew a dime," and "white interloper," the last from Sharpton himself.  A deranged individual acted on this hate speech by setting the store on fire, and killing seven workers.
The fact that CAIR, despite its full knowledge of Sharpton's history, invited him to be its keynote speaker self-identifies the organization as an anti-Semitic hate group.  Its other actions self-identify it as an enemy of the Constitution's Bill of Rights, and a friend of Islamist terrorism.

ISIL Sends 'A Message to America'

For well over a year now, we’ve been watching and learning about who the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) really is – first while just in Syria, then in Iraq, particularly over the past several months.  Again and again, we’ve listened to their vengeful rants and watched as they brutally slaughtered, Christians, Kurds, and Yazidi, beheading and crucifying men, women, and young boys, as well as raping and enslaving women and young girls.

(I am referring to them as ISIL, because that is what their charter states and what reflects their intent.  I will not call them the Islamic State [IS], which they refer to as the Islamic Caliphate, as I do not want to give them recognition, nor do I want the world to do so.)

On Tuesday, ISIL exposed Americans to the cold-blooded, brutal, and bloodthirsty execution-style beheading of an American, James Wright Foley, an independent journalist who had been covering the Middle East for about five years.  He was taken captive by ISIL in 2012 while covering the war in Syria.

Further, ISIL gave us visual proof that they are truly butchers and savages by posting a video yesterday on Twitter, with Mr. Foley reading an obvious ISIL-prepared statement criticizing the U.S.'s and the West’s actions against ISIL terrorist forces in Iraq.  A message by the lone British-accented ISIL spokesman and executioner, as it appeared, standing over Mr. Foley said he was to be killed because Barack Obama had ordered airstrikes against ISIL positions in northern Iraq.

Also included toward the end of the grisly video, ISIL purportedly presented pictures of a second American photo-journalist, Steven Sotloff from Pinecrest, Florida, who writes for Time and Foreign Policy Magazine, with the Twitter announcement that President Obama's actions will determine Sotloff's fate.

This latest event offers some insight and a glimpse into ISIL’s future intentions beyond what they have strategically announced publicly – into what we refer to militarily as tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).  We can see something about this terrorist army’s advancement and capabilities, and about how the U.S. and rest of the free world can defeat this cancerous adversary.  Three critical and decisive points need to be made.

First, we know and understand that strategically, ISIL’s intent for regional and worldwide dominations started with its divorce and self-imposed expulsion from al-Qaeda for several reasons.  First, it refused to accept a role of subordination as an affiliated regional and subordinate element under al-Qaeda’s centralized command structure during its participation in the ongoing conflict in Syria.  Essentially, Abu al-Baghdadi had his own design on how he wanted to lead and employ ISIL, both in Syria and later, when he went back into Iraq (ISIL being previously identified as al-Qaeda in Iraq before it was crushed by U.S. General Petraeus and the “surge” in 2007).
Second, there is Baghdadi’s design to create an Islamic caliphate across the greater Iraq and the Levant region, with Baghdadi being the caliph.  That was not in al-Qaeda’s cards.

The third point is that ISIL’s widespread brutality was not acceptable to al-Qaeda, which has somewhat throttled back in order to regain support and cooperation with former and new supporters following the death of Osama bin Laden and its regrouping.  It was al-Baghdadi’s decision to separate and free ISIL from al-Qaeda, in order to unilaterally pursue what we have been witnessing since the latter part of last year.
This in no way means that al-Qaeda and its affiliates across the world are no longer a threat.  Rather, it means we must continue to keep our eyes on each to ensure we are never blindsided.  Proof of this came in a recent Rand Corporation study this past spring, which indicated that the number of radical Islamic jihadists has increased worldwide by over 57% since 2010.

That said, with regards to strategic intentions, while we must deal with all actors of radical Islam, ISIL must be dealt with immediately.  Since the early part of 2014, ISIL has moved out in rapid fashion, unlike anything we have witnessed before.  ISIL has acquired perhaps two billion dollars in assets, funding, and materials and a rapidly growing army of fighters, supports, and a support network of upwards of 80,000 people.  Additionally, they have attracted and recruited radicalized jihadists and foreign Islamic and non-Islamic fighters and technically trained supporters from many skill sets and countries outside the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Africa.  Indications are that they have recruited individuals from throughout Europe, with up to 4,000 maintaining passports from across Europe and as many as 400 with U.S. passports. 

As part of strategic intentions, it is necessary to address what I am tagging the “weaponization of social media.”  While this has been implemented in various ways over the last 20 years, from information operations to cyber-warfare to strategic communications and influence, nations, international criminal elements, and terrorists have applied the various applications to suit their needs and support their capabilities.  However, ISIL utilization has been rather significant in its social media escalation and success.  The fact that ISIL has created warfare-supporting tactics around social media shows a rapid evolution of a multifaceted and a multi-tiered strategy.  In the Foley-Sotloff situation, ISIL presented both a tactical and strategic-level “chess-move” directly aimed to the president of the United States.  Using only a couple of abducted American non-combatants, they basically said, "Your move," creating a major international media event in a matter of minutes.

In the meantime, ISIL is pushing toward Baghdad, at the same time flooding social media with updates and spreading its message with corporate sophistication.  As a radicalized jihadist army, they have advanced on the ground in Syria and Iraq and invaded microblogging sites, conducting psychological warfare via social media techies posting a near-constant stream of updates and photos of extortion, murder, and rape.  Similarly, they have attracted legitimate companies to advertise and sell products online on ISIL’s websites, mainly because the violent material posted has attracted millions of visitors.  From a public relations stand point, they are utilizing social media to present a good side, with personal family stories of their fighters and their personal lives, which draws followers and sympathizers in the Muslim world and the West.  At the same time, they portray valiant stories of bravery and heroism among their fighters, which attract the attention of young "fanboys" from around the world, including the U.S.  The group is on the cutting edge in displaying how influential social media technologies can be in the hands of extremists.

Various reports indicate that ISIL has recruited individuals from throughout Europe, with up to an estimated 7,000 maintaining passports from across the European continent.  Last week alone, over 40 suspected ISIL and Nusra (aka al-Qaeda in Syria) fighters were arrested in Kosovo.  The ISIL fighter holding Mr. Foley in the Twitter video on Tuesday is suspected of being a Brit.  Recently a British rap artist traveled to Syria to join ISIL and was photographed holding the severed head of an ISIL victim.  Additionally, as many as 400 with U.S. passports, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, may have joined the ISIL jihad.  We have already seen a young man from Florida recruited to ISIL and trained as a suicide bomber in Syria.  An online video showed him describing his intent and disdain for America.  Later, his suicide attack was prominently filmed and presented on numerous ISIL and other jihadist websites.  Just this past week ISIL made in-roads in Ferguson, Missouri, to call for ISIL sympathizers to join in the violent disruptions.

Another major concern is the potential for ISIL to establish small cells in Europe and subsequently the U.S. for the purpose of creating panic and mayhem by via small-scale attacks similar to the situation during the Boston Marathon – or perhaps of reproducing Foley's ordeal on American soil.  For ISIL, there is no concern as to whether individual actors are confronted or caught.

Since Barack Obama's 2009 Cairo speech, the battle in the Middle East has been essentially relegated to drones and air strikes.  Competent national security and military strategists and strategically focused practitioners of radically focused Islamic-based terrorism will tell you that drones and or air strikes are not a strategy, but rather merely operational tools employed for tactical and operational military effects.  Just as armored warfare was just one operational arrow in our overall strategic quiver against Hitler in WWII, the strategy in the clash with radical Islamic terrorism has to be against the ideology that promotes and sustains it. 

On Tuesday, the parents of Daniel Pearl, the American beheaded by al-Qaeda in February 2002, closed a note of sympathy and support to James Foley’s parents as follows: “[T]he civilized world needs to take more seriously the growing threat of terrorism and the ideology  that breeds it.” 

Until a competent and coherent national security strategy and policy against the radical ideology of Islam – be it ISIL, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah – is formulated, we will continue to face the wrath of Islamic terror.  If this state of affairs is allowed to continue, we may well be the ones defeated.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The unholy marriage of the radical left and radical Islam terrorists

The brutal Islamic State (IS) terrorists,  who wanted Aafia Siddiqui aka ‘Lady al-Qaeda’ swapped for decapitated photojournalist James Foley, are merely the latest in a long line of fanatics seeking the release of a woman caught redhanded in Afghanistan with detailed plans on how to kill the masses by spreading Ebola, and with dirty bombs and chemical weapons that would somehow spare children while killing off adults.

She also had two pounds of highly toxic sodium cyanide hidden in her bag and documents detailing potential New York targets for attack,  including Wall Street, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the subway system.

In other words, The release of ‘Al Qaeda Lady’  Aafia Siddiqui to spare the life of photojournalist James Foley was not originally the idea of the Islamic State’s notorious ‘Jihadi John’, it was part of a long time, ongoing far-left campaign in America first.

Thanks to masterful research whiz Cliff Kincaid, we know that hardline, far left American activists who have been working for years to achieve Siddiqui’s release, started the chain of action.

“In the U.S., the movement by American Muslims to free captured terrorist Siddiqui includes Ramsey Clark, the Workers World Party (WWP) and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Some members of the former left to form the latter. They operate front organizations such as ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) and the International Action Center. The Workers World Party had been investigated by the House Internal Security Committee for its support of the North Korean regime and Arab terrorist groups.” (USA Survival—PDF)

Former attorney general Ramsey Clark, once the chief law enforcement officer of the USA, compared Jesus Christ to a terrorist during a media event for a new anti-war group: “The Christian Church overwhelmingly—there are exceptions—who choose to call Mohammed a terrorist.  They could call Jesus a terrorist too.  I mean, he was pretty tough on money lenders a time or two.”  (CNSNews, July 7, 2008)

Al Jazeera also openly supports the radical Muslim and far-left campaign to free ‘Lady al Qaeda’ Aafia Siddiqui, according to Kincaid.

The brutal beheading of James Foley by an Islamic State executioner with a British accent has brought focus to ‘homegrown’ jihadists in Britain and the United States.

According to yesterday’s Daily Mail,” three British men waging jihad in the Middle East alongside the Islamic State (IS) have emerged as potential identities for the masked extremist who killed James Foley in a brutal propaganda video.  Rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, (pictured centre and top left with a severed head), is among those who have been suggested a potential identities for the killer known only as ‘John’. Abu Abdullah al-Britani (bottom left), who is believed to be behind social media accounts attempting to recruit teenagers, and computer hacker Abu Hussain al-Britani, 20, have also been mentioned. Security sources say that, thanks to information posted online, they are getting closer to a definitive identity.”

Siddiqui, whose picture graces an FBI Most Waned poster and is currently serving 86 years in a Texas jail, was educated in America.

“Siddiqui went to the US on a student visa in 1990 for undergraduate and graduate education. She eventually settled in Massachusetts and earned a PhD in neuroscience from Brandeis University in 2001. A Muslim who had engaged in Islamic charity work, she returned to Pakistan in 2002 before disappearing with her three young children in March 2003, shortly after the arrest in Pakistan of her second husband’s uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged chief planner of the September 11 attacks. Khalid Mohammed reportedly mentioned Siddiqui’s name while he was being interrogated and, shortly thereafter, she was added to the FBI Seeking Information—War on Terrorism list.(Wikipedia)
“In May 2004, the FBI named Siddiqui as one of its seven Most Wanted Terrorists. Her whereabouts were reported to have been unknown for more than five years until she was arrested in July 2008 in Afghanistan. Upon her arrest, the Afghan police said she was carrying in her purse handwritten notes and a computer thumb drive containing recipes for conventional bombs and weapons of mass destruction, instructions on how to make machines to shoot down US drones, descriptions of New York City landmarks with references to a mass casualty attack, and two pounds of sodium cyanide in a glass jar.

Siddiqui was shot and severely wounded at the police compound the following day. Her American interrogators said she grabbed a rifle from behind a curtain and began shooting at them. Siddiqui’s own version was that she simply stood up to see who was on the other side of the curtain and startled the soldiers, one of whom then shot her. She received medical attention for her wounds at Bagram Air Base and was flown to the US to be charged in a New York City federal court with attempted murder, and armed assault on US officers and employees. She denied the charges. After receiving psychological evaluations and therapy, the judge declared her mentally fit to stand trial. Siddiqui interrupted the trial proceedings with vocal outbursts and was ejected from the courtroom several times.The jury convicted her on all charges in February 2010.
The prosecution argued for a “terrorism enhancement” that would require a life term; Siddiqui’s lawyers requested a 12-year sentence, arguing that she suffers from mental illness. The charges against her stemmed solely from the shooting, and Siddiqui was not charged with any terrorism-related offences.

Amnesty International monitored the trial for fairness. Four British Parliamentarians (Lord Ahmed, Lord Sheikh, Lord Patel, and MP Muhammad Sarwar) called the trial a grave miscarriage of justice that violated the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution as well as the United States’ obligations as a member of the United Nations, demanding Siddiqui’s release. In a letter to Barack Obama, they stated that there was a lack of scientific and forensic evidence tying Siddiqui to the weapon she allegedly fired. Many of Siddiqui’s supporters, including some international human rights organisations, claimed that Siddiqui was not an extremist and that she and her young children were illegally detained, interrogated, and tortured by Pakistani intelligence, US authorities, or both, during her five-year disappearance. The US and Pakistan governments have denied all such claims.
“Siddiqui married 9/11 planner Ammar al-Baluchi and carried on research on biological weapons at his request. She was convicted of attempted murder and received a 86-year prison sentence for shooting at FBI agents and soldiers after her arrest in Afghanistan. Her attorney, Linda Moreno, represented terrorist financier Sami al-Arian and the chairman of the board of the Holy Land Foundation in the Hamas terror finance case. “She spoke at the 2010 16th annual fundraising banquet of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR. (USA Survival)

The release of ‘Al Qaeda Lady Aafia Siddiqui to spare the life of photojournalist James Foley did not originate with the Islamic State’s cowardly, black-masked ‘Jihadi John’, it was part of a far-left campaign in America first.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

This is America.... Fat chance of that happening

Obama and ISIS Sneaking Across Unsecure Southern Border

Dismissive Obama caught with his pants down, In January Obama thought ISIS was the ‘jayvee’ team. Now they’re a threat ‘beyond anything we’ve see

Back in January it was clear to everyone whose name isn’t Barack Obama that our Middle East pullout had created a massive power vacuum.  Filling that vacuum was a variety of Rebel groups - Al Qaeda offshoots that had gained a foothold in Syria and Iraq. We now know them as ISIS or ISIL, and we’ve been witnessing their brutality against Christians, Jews, and resistant Muslims for months. If only someone could have talked to President Obama at the beginning of the year and warned him that this new insurgency was a genuine threat that needed to be taken seriously.

Oh wait. Someone did.
In an interview with the New Yorker, Obama was asked about these various “rebel factions.” His response was a mish mash of non-interventionist rhetoric and naive, flippant, dismissal:
  And yet thoughts of a pacific equilibrium are far from anyone’s mind in the real, existing Middle East. In the 2012 campaign, Obama spoke not only of killing Osama bin Laden; he also said that Al Qaeda had been “decimated.” I pointed out that the flag of Al Qaeda is now flying in Falluja, in Iraq, and among various rebel factions in Syria; Al Qaeda has asserted a presence in parts of Africa, too.

  “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said, resorting to an uncharacteristically flip analogy. “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.

  “Let’s just keep in mind, Falluja is a profoundly conservative Sunni city in a country that, independent of anything we do, is deeply divided along sectarian lines. And how we think about terrorism has to be defined and specific enough that it doesn’t lead us to think that any horrible actions that take place around the world that are motivated in part by an extremist Islamic ideology are a direct threat to us or something that we have to wade into.”

According to President Obama, ISIS was just another junior varsity team - a bunch of pretenders. They weren’t a threat to the United States.

So, seven months later, what does Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel say about them?
  “ISIL is as sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded.

  Oh. This is beyond anything that we’ve seen.
  So, we must prepare for everything.And the only way you do that is that you take a cold, steely, hard look at it…and get ready

  ...When you look at what they did to Mr. Foley, what they threatened to do to all Americans and Europeans - what they are doing now, I don’t know any way to describe it other than ‘barbaric.’ They have no standard of decency - of responsible human behavior - and I think the records pretty clear on that.

  So yes, they are an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it’s in Iraq or anywhere else.” 

From J.V. team to imminent threat in just 7 months?

Either ISIS has one heck of a training camp, or the administration so desperately wanted to score the talking point of “ending George Bush’s war” that they were willing to ignore any potential threat that might deflate the pullout narrative.

We’d love to believe that the President has learned his lesson and is now taking ISIS seriously. Sadly, since he’s willing to run back to the golf course just seven minutes after

Terrorists advancing a smothering worldwide Caliphate with the help of do-nothing, yakety-yak political leaders Mainstream Media Romanticizing Foley beheader as ‘Black Beatle John’

Terrorists advancing a smothering worldwide Caliphate with the help of do-nothing, yakety-yak political leaders  Mainstream Media Romanticizing Foley beheader as ‘Black Beatle John’

The British mainstream media, in another era called the scribes of the ‘Penny Dreadfuls’ continue to go to great lengths to romanticize brutal terrorists who slaughter and maim innocents in their demented mission for world takeover through Caliphate.
First came “White Widow, 30-year-old Samantha Lewthwaite, who is believed to have fled Kenya to Somalia after the Nairobi shopping mall massacre in September of 2013.

The British mainstream media created for the seriously depraved Lewthwaite, a folklore image of a woman “fleeing on a camel to an al Qaeda training camp in a snake-infested Somalian forest” (Daily Mail, Dec. 23, 2013)

“Why would any media lionize a terrorist, who is suspected of masterminding the slaughter of 67 innocent civilians—including children—at a Nairobi shopping mall?” Canada Free Press (CFP) asked on Dec. 23, 2013?

If you buy into mainstream media headlines, pigs no longer fly, they ride full bore into the desert on camels. Sending tweets to those they imagine as competitors, they also wear lipstick and lace-fringed hajibs for good measure on their way to becoming part of the phenomena known as “home grown jihadists”.

So elusive is this fugitive from the authorities that she took time out to have four children, one born in a private clinic, along the way.

While she was riding roughshod down the camel trail of media created folklore, the hunt for Lewthwaite has gone cold:

“The hunt for the world’s most wanted female terrorist suspect—has gone cold amid reports she has undergone plastic surgery to evade capture. (Belfast Telegraph, Aug. 14, 2014)

“Kenyan detectives are struggling to find the 30-year-old fugitive known as the White Widow who has been on the run for the past two-and-a-half years.”

Good Luck in finding the faceless “White Widow” who’s tucked her lacy hijabs in her hope chest and could be anybody courtesy of a new face.

Then there’s the media-described “fanatic” who beheaded American photojournalist James Foley and sent the video of the beheading out over the worldwide web.
They’re calling him the “Black Beatle”, a nickname dredged up from the very bottom of the mainstream media barrel.

“The suspect was last night named as ‘John’ one of a gang of British jihadis known as ‘The Beatles’ who are guarding western hostages for ISIS.” (Daily Mail, Aug. 20, 2014)

“Guarding” western hostages for ISIS.  Folks, this isn’t another one of those cheap Hollywood horror flicks but real life barbarism.

How about the Daily Mail calling the “fanatic” ‘John Beatle’ and the rest of the world calling him what he truly is: a brutal, evil terrorist who learned his trade in overly-tolerant-to-radical-Islam-terrorism-Britain?
“The British fanatic who beheaded an American journalist will (be) identified and the SAS will be sent to Syria to ‘bring him to justice’, a former MI6 chief said today. (Daily Mail)

“Richard Barrett, was head of counter-terrorism a the time of 9/11, said he is convinced the murderer now considered the world’s most wanted man will be arrested and taken back to Britain for trial.

 “Mr Barratt (sic) told the Today Programme : ‘They will be able to identify him, although there are four or five hundred people who have gone from all over the United Kingdom many of them have made their presence there known, and I think the community will be able (to) recognise this person and I am sure many in the community will be keen to do so.

“‘I mean the intelligence community certainly but also the community from which this man comes, he will have had many acquaintances and friends in the United Kingdom and those people will wish to see him brought to justice.’
“He agreed that once he is identified the course of action would likely be to send special forces to grab him.”
“Likely” to send special forces to grab him???  How reassuring!
“He added: ‘This is probably a relatively young man and he has a relatively long life ahead of him, perhaps, if he doesn’t get killed quickly in Iraq or Syria and therefore sooner or later he is going to be vulnerable to arrest or some sort interdiction and brought before the courts. “I don’t think anyone is prepared to forget this sort of crime and therefore the long arm of justice will eventually catch him.’  (Daily Mail)

“A massive manhunt has been launched after a former hostage said he believed the masked Islamic State maniac was a Londoner he had known as ‘John’.

“The security services are also close to establishing the identity of the killer who cut James Foley’s throat in a horrific propaganda video.
“Said to be a senior Islamic State operative, he was trusted earlier this year to negotiate a hostage exchange.

“As David Cameron broke off his holiday to deal with the crisis, further evidence emerged of the prominent role British jihadis are playing in Iraq.
“Some celebrated and joked about Mr Foley’s murder, with one woman fighter volunteering to be the next to kill a UK or US captive.

“The Briton, who uses his left hand and wears Timberland boots, speaks with what appears to be an East London accent as he makes a series of threats to President Obama and the West.

“Experts warned Britons are among the most vicious of the Islamic State’s fanatics and one may have been chosen to carry out the killing because of the global impact it would have. In other developments:
  • The Foreign Secretary again warned British jihadis could return to kill here;
  • Military chiefs warned of more killings and called for Government action;
  • Barack Obama said ‘no just God would stand for what the Islamic State did’;
  • Muslim leaders were accused of failing to sufficiently condemn the terror group;
  • Mr Cameron admitted it was increasingly likely Mr Foley was killed by a Briton.”
How about Obama not standing for what the Islamic State did and not running off to play golf after making said statement?

None of the words being spouted by Cameron, Obama and “the experts” make folk, who if they had their say would demand:‘Stop letting these fanatics in over our borders,’ feel any safer in the rise of radical Islamic terrorism.

Meanwhile, as for those who would bring evil beasts like John the Black Beatle into modern folklore:  these terrorists are not Robin Hood, David Copperfield or Captain John Silver, they are evil and unmerciful killers aiming to advance a smothering worldwide Caliphate on the rest of us with the help of do-nothing, yakety-yak political leaders.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Benjamin Netanyahu: ISIS and Hamas Part of 'the Same Savagery'

At a wide-ranging press conference Wednesday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on the offensive to describe Hamas as part of a network of Islamist terror groups, which include the Islamic State (IS), Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda.

Netanyahu was making an effort to muster greater international support for Israel’s ongoing battle against Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

As reported in The Times of Israel, Netanyahu said that Hamas’s Islamist terror leadership and ISIS “are branches of the same tree.” He noted that “the entire world has been shocked by the atrocities of ISIS. You saw the beheading of an American journalist, [James] Foley. It shows you the barbarism, the savagery of these people.
“Well, we face the same savagery,” Netanyahu went on. “The people who wantonly rocket our cities and want to conduct mass killings. And when they can, they murder children, teenagers, shoot them in the head. Throw people from the sixth floor — their own people — and use their people as human shields.”

In short, said the Prime Minister, groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, and Islamic Jihad “are the enemies of peace. They are the enemies of Israel. They are the enemies of all civilized countries. And I believe they are the enemies of the Palestinians themselves.”

Netanyahu praised the Obama administration for its support, noting that the U.S. backs Israel’s demand for a demilitarized Gaza.

Netanyahu said the Hamas threat underlined his insistence on a demilitarized West Bank — something he said he has stressed to the U.S. Otherwise, he asked, “Who is going to prevent them manufacturing rockets in Nablus?

The Islamic State is only half as strong as Hamas, he said, but “look at what it can do” in terms of terrorism. “This was not understood” previously.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that Israel’s demand for a demilitarized Gaza picked up another ally Wednesday when French President Francois Hollande called on Hamas to be disarmed, after the terror group violated yet another ceasefire with Israel.
“We are at a critical point. France supports the Egyptian mediation,” Hollande told Le Monde in an interview. “Gaza can no longer remain like it is. The objective must be a demilitarization and a lifting of the blockade.”

Hollande called for a demilitarization of Gaza under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Hollande’s demand is consistent with the call of the European Union’s foreign ministers, who, last month, released a statement demanding the disarming of Hamas.

Destroy the Caliphate!

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, the Islamic State posted a video on YouTube showing the decapitation of American journalist James Foley.  A second American, Steven Joel Sotloff, was paraded in front of the camera.  Foley’s executioner, totally clad in black and speaking with an English accent, stated “the life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.”     

It remains to be seen how the administration will respond to this cowardly war crime.  Up to this point, their approach has been weak-kneed and contradictory.  While the administration reluctantly authorized “limited airstrikes,” it stressed that the United States “will not be dragged into another war in Iraq” nor act as the Iraqi Air Force.  James Foley’s execution demonstrates that a more forceful, direct role for the United States military against the Islamic State is required.  To an understandably war weary U.S. public, the thought of more blood and treasure being expended to defeat the Islamic State may sound unpleasant.  However, at this point, there is no other choice. 
Limited airstrikes are not enough.  We have to unleash the full military might of the United States on the Islamic State.  That may mean boots on the ground -- be it conventional or Special Operations forces.  That means that Islamic State forces, equipment, and infrastructure should be targeted relentlessly by U.S. air power.  There should be no place in Iraq, the Middle East, or the world for that matter that these Islamist fascists feel safe or have sanctuary.  Furthermore, the President should make absolutely clear that any group or country providing financial assistance or quarter to the Islamic State will face the wrath of the U.S. military.

We can no longer be blind to the threat posed by the Islamic State.  Obama stated that a political settlement is needed.  The absurdity of that statement underscores the extent to which the administration does not understand the threat of Islamist fascism.  When will the administration learn that you can’t negotiate or reason with Islamists.  As Senator Marco Rubio put it: “For more than a year, ISIL has been murdering civilians, raping women and young girls and enslaving them, and carrying out systematic genocide of anyone who does not share their warped and extremist Islamist views.  ISIL cannot be reasoned with, they can’t be negotiated with, and their views of the world is irreconcilable with civilized society.”

For over 30 years, Islamist fascists have been waging war on the United States, culminating with the September 11th attacks.  However, the Islamic State is a threat unlike any terrorist or Islamist group we have ever faced.  There was a time when an Islamic caliphate sounded like a pipe dream.  Due to the administration’s abandonment of Iraq and refusal to recognize our enemy for what it is, the Islamic Caliphate is now a reality.   Shashank Joshi noted in the Telegraph:   “Terrorist groups have beheaded hostages and prisoners, Westerners and non-Westerners, for many years. What is shocking is not that they are extreme sadists, but that they are extreme sadists with a conventional army and nation-building aspirations. This is what makes them different. By their own admission, their aim is to “drown all of you in blood’. They are incapable of compromise, uninterested in moderation, and hell-bent on territorial expansion.” 

Aggravating matters, the threat posed by the Islamic State is not limited to the Middle East. Thousands of American and European Muslims have joined the Islamic State’s ranks.  It is only a matter of time before these individuals begin filtering back to their respective countries.  Unsurprisingly, the Islamic State already vowed to attack American and European targets.

Unless there is bold action on the part of the West and the United States, the situation may spiral out of control.  James Foley’s death is only the beginning.  There is only one option at this point -- total and utter annihilation of the Islamist state and its sympathizers. 

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Israel Scholar Dr. Mordechai Kedar at AFDI Rally for Israel and Persecut...

Robert Spencer introduces Ashraf Ramelah- Voice of the Copts

Question: "What is Coptic Christianity, and what do Coptic Christians believe?

Answer:“Coptic” means “Egyptian,” and Christians living in Egypt identify themselves as Coptic Christians. As a denomination they originated in the city of Alexandria, one of the most faithful, respected, and fruitful cities during the Apostolic Period. Proudly, the Coptic Christians acknowledge and herald John Mark, (author of the Gospel of Mark), as their founder and first bishop sometime between A.D. 42 - A.D. 62. The Coptic Church was actually involved in the very first major split in the Church, well before there was such a thing as "Roman" Catholicism, and it was also well before the East/West split.

Prior to the “Great” East/West Schism of A.D. 1054, the Coptics were separated from the rest by the Council of Chalcedon in A.D. 451. The council met to discuss the Incarnation of Christ and declared that Christ was "one hypostasis in two natures" (i.e., one person who shares two distinct natures). This became standard orthodoxy for Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant churches from then on. The Coptic understanding is that Christ is one nature from two natures: "the Logos Incarnate." In this understanding, Christ is from, not in, two natures: full humanity and full divinity. Some in the Coptic Orthodox Church believe that their position was misunderstood at the Council of Chalcedon and take great pains to ensure that they are not seen asMonophysitic(denying the two natures of Christ), but rather "Miaphysitic" (believing in one composite/conjoined nature from two). Some believe that perhaps the council understood the church correctly, but wanted to exile the church for its refusal to take part in politics or due to the rivalry between the bishops of Alexandria and Rome. To this day, 95 percent of Christians in Alexandria are members of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

The tradition says that when John Mark arrived on a missionary journey to Egypt, the Coptic form of religion of that day was god-centered worship, but focused upon the pyramids. However, John Mark and the Gospel message were well received by the Coptic people as they also believed in “eternal life.” The Coptic people, under Roman rule and societal influence, consisted of Greeks, Jews, and Egyptians; therefore, Christianity had to take into account the different cultural, language, and religious backgrounds when evangelizing and in establishing its church. The Coptic Christians were originally well founded in theology, and other churches in cities throughout the Roman Empire looked up to them with great admiration and respect, willingly following their lead in doctrinal like-mindedness and unity.

It is interesting to note that when the Coptics were under the rule of the Roman Empire, they suffered severe persecution and death for their steadfast faith and beliefs in Christ while refusing to worship emperors. However, by A.D. 641, yet another tribulation began when the Arab conquest took place, overthrowing the Romans’ rule in Egypt and, at first, relieving the Coptic Church from persecution. What appeared to be their liberty and freedom became yet again bondage. The societal strength and control of the Arabs caused the Coptics to endure a major language and culture change as well as confront the Islamic faith. Unfortunately, over the centuries, Christianity lost foothold and most Coptics converted to Islam.

Today, there is a small population of Coptic Christians remaining in Alexandria, but most are located elsewhere. Estimates of the current population of the Coptic Church range from 10 million to 60 million members worldwide. Theologically, Coptic Christianity is very similar to Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. They profess to be genuine followers of Jesus Christ and a part of His worldwide Church. But, as with Catholicism, they tend to emphasize meritorious works in salvation along with liturgical ritual rather than salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Recommended Resources:Christianity Through the Centuries by Earle CairnsandLogos Bible Software.

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Know Your Place!" Turkish PM Erdogan Tells Woman Reporter Turkish PM Erdogan lashed out against a woman journalist, calling her a “shameless woman” and telling her to “Know Your Place!”

Ahead of today's presidential election – of which he hopes to win – Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out against a woman journalist, calling her a “shameless woman” and telling her to “Know Your Place!”
Erdogan remarks, which were made at a campaign rally in the eastern city of Malatya to Erdogan’s supporters, were met by loud boos from the audience.  The attack was in response to a question asked by Amberin Zaman, a 15-year veteran journalist for The Economist and a columnist for the Turkish newspaper Taraf.
During a televised debate, Zaman posed a question to Erdogan’s main opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu as to whether he thought a "Muslim society is able to question" authorities.
Erdogan’s supporters immediately lashed out against Zaman on social media, launching a smear campaign against her for "insulting Islam and Muslims" as well as supporters of the government.
Erdogan’s remarks come on the heels of remarks by his Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç who recently said that women shouldrefrain from laughing in public, because it’s immodest.
Speaking at an Eid el-Fitr gathering, Arınç said, “[The woman] will know what is haram [forbidden] and not haram. She will not laugh in public. She will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness.”
Following Arınç’s remarks, hundreds of women protested by posting pictures of themselves laughing on Twitter and other social media sites like Instagram.
Without mentioning her name at the rally, Erdogan called Zaman a "shameless militant woman disguised under the name of a journalist." 
"Know your place," Erdoğan screamed at the rally. "They gave you a pen and you are writing a column in a newspaper.  And then they invite you to a TV channel owned by Doğan media group and you insult at a society of 99 percent Muslims."
The Doğan media group is owned by Doğan Holding. It is the largest media group in Turkey and owned by Aydın Doğan, who often opposes Erdogan.
The Economist stood by Zaman in a statement that said, "We stand firmly by her and her reporting."
"The intimidation of journalists has no place in a democracy,” the statement continued. “Under Mr. Erdogan, Turkey has become an increasingly difficult place for independent journalism."
In her column in Taraf, Zaman wrote a response to Erdogan saying, "You are lynching a Muslim woman who described what you are doing. Because women are sitting targets, aren't they?"
Zaman reported being called a “Jewish bitch” on social media and told to become a "concubine" of Islamist jihadists in Iraq.
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said they feared for Zaman’s safety in Turkey due to the widespread government campaign against her.
In a statement issued by OSCE, the organization’s representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic said, "I am alarmed by the latest example of intimidation and threats towards journalists in Turkey."

NY City Cabbie Convicted of Arranging Honor Killings Mohammed Choudhry arranged two killings to avenge his family’s 'humiliation' after his daughter fled an arranged marriage

A veteran New York City taxi driver originally from Pakistan was convicted of two honor killings he arranged to avenge his family’s “humiliation.”
Mohammed Choudhry, 61, who drove a cabin New York for more than 20 years, had forced his 23-year-old daughter, Amina Ajmal, into an arranged marriage in Pakistan in 2012. However, Ajmal, who was raised in the U.S. and college-educated, was in love with another man, Shujat Abbas.
When Ajmal fled the marriage during a daring midnight escape with Abbas and came back to the U.S., Choudhry vowed to take revenge for the family’s disgraced “honor,” pledging to kill Abbas and his entire family.
“He said it over and over. He wanted to kill Shujat Abbas — the boy who helped his daughter run away from an arranged marriage, the boy who humiliated him in front of his family and village,” said federal prosecutor Richard Tucker during the closing arguments of the trial yesterday in Brooklyn.
Choudhry had told his daughter, who had remained in telephone contact with her father, to leave Abbas and come home – or else. “Until I find you, nothing is going to stop me,” he said. “I am going to kill their whole family.”
Ajmal, alarmed, recorded the increasingly threatening telephone conversations she had with her father and eventually contacted federal agents.
Meanwhile, Choudhry began to fulfill his vow. Enlisting the help of his uncle and other men in the village in Pakistan and directing the operation from his cab in New York, Choudhry had Abbas’ father and sister killed. They were brutally mowed down under a hail of bullet fire as they rode a motorcycle together in Pakistan in February 2013.
“From the front seat of his yellow cab, the defendant planned and executed a murder,” Tucker said. “Even as he transported unsuspecting New Yorkers in Brooklyn and Manhattan he called the shots in Pakistan.”
Although she admitted that she still loved her father, Ajmal testified against him in the trial, saying she had not believed he was really capable of murder.
Abbas’ relatives also attended the trial, breaking down in tears at times. Tucker told the jury that they deserved the justice that would not and had not come to them in their native country.
“This is the Unites States,” Tucker said. “Here, murder is not tolerated. There is law, there is justice. You should find the defendant guilty,” Tucker told the jury.
It took the jury close to one hour to decide that Choudhry was guilty. Choudhry was also convicted of visa fraud in connection with his daughter's husband from her aranged marriage.
He faces a sentence of life in prison.

Islamic Funeral: I See Dead People ... Move

Pamela Geller on One America News Network, Rick Amato Show: Rally for Is...

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No acronyms for the Islamic State: When Obama lied, people died

When Obama lied, people died
Barack Obama’s advisers will remove religious terms such as “Islamic extremism” from the central document outlining the U.S. national security strategy and will use the rewritten document to emphasize that the United States does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terror, counterterrorism officials said. (AP, April 7, 2010).

The acronym IS, formerly ISIS, should be banned from the public lexicon.
Call IS what it is: The Islamic State and its blood-drenched “caliphate”.

Al Qaeda was called al Qaeda and no one ever identified it as AQ.
That President Barack Obama put al Qaeda on the run, a plank during his 2012 re-election bid, is a lie evidenced by the fact the new caliphate put Christians on the run in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. 
Calling the Islamic State IS puts the one group that can be truthfully described as evil incarnate in the same identified-by-acronym category as others ID’d by acronym such as IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA et al.
Misnomers abound in reportage on the Islamic State, with many in the mainstream media calling its members ‘militants’ rather than what they are: ‘terrorists’.