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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sweden: 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Gov data

he total Muslim population in Sweden is estimated at 4.4% (2013 figures). Out of that 4.4% and in deducting the women and children, we can roughly guesstimate that around 2% are male. The foreign rape figures at 77.6% Muslim has been anonymously confirmed by Swedish polish in a phone conversation. The actual figure could be higher. These percentages do not include Muslims with Swedish citizenship contained within rapes in the figures categorized under “Swedish nationals”.

Staggering rape and assault rape statistics from Sweden from 1985-89 and 1997-2001. Rape committed by Swedish born rapists (blue) were 22.4%. Foreign rapists represent 77.6% of all figures divided into ‘normal’ representation (pink, red and orange) at 5,070; over representation (red) at 3,752 rape cases; unregistered migrants (orange) at 653 rape cases. Note that the blue bracket of Swedish rapists include foreign born persons with Swedish citizenship as the statistics are only counted on citizenship, and not nationality.

Sweden’s growing rape incidents

[Google translate from]
When I have “rape” in the title will increase visits to your blog dramatically. Rape upset, and rightly so, that’s a disgusting crime which affects both women and men in depth. If a connection is made to immigrants over the presentation of rape crimes, it becomes very explosive. What we know of course our rulers and authorities. Therefore, they do everything for us in the dark. It is rarely direct lies. It would be too risky. Effective propaganda is all about creating uncertainty. Insecure people are passive.
One way to create uncertainty is failing to investigate and find out the facts. Or, as in this case: facts and findings are available, but they are not released to the public.
The only major study that has been made regarding immigrants overrepresented in rape where the results became public, the investigation is in BRÅ-raport 1996:2, which covers the years 1985-1989.
Here I have started from the report’s estimate in Table 24 (p. 74). The pie chart on the right you can see that even then (1985-1989) were persons of Swedish background in the minority of 39 percent.
These things I have counted on the 2011 conditions, see the chart at the top of the post. People of Swedish descent account for 22.4 percent. The reason that Swedes have such a high percentage is that I have taken account of the new sexual offenses law which came 2005th Without it, the Swedes percentage was less.1 Non registered percentage I have made known to remain at 10 percent. It may be a conservative estimate. Increased the percentage would of course Swedes percentage decrease.

Who exactly are committing these rapes?

The BRÅ report from 1996 reported over-representation of immigrants of different types of crime are divided on which countries / geographical areas, people came from. According to the National Council is the data set for including rape too thin (p. 61):
“As for murder, manslaughter, rape, other sexual offenses, robbery and burglary are the values ​​of brottsparticipation too small to be able to draw conclusions from them.”
Total national rape statistics: Swedish born rapists (39%), migrants (38%), migrant children (13%) and unregistered migrants (10%). Immigrants are responsible for 62% of the entire country’s rape crimes.
Rape figures for the years 1985-1989 was on a completely different level than today. Broken down by individual countries, the material becomes even thinner. It is possible to draw some conclusions, but to draw any firm conclusions needed more data.
Nearly ten years later in 2005 will follow up report. Instead of more data so we can start to draw conclusions do we make this announcement (p. 44):
“BRÅ’s last study was done fairly detailed analysis of the foreign-born and ‘immigrants’ children’ over-representation of each crime divided on which countries / geographical areas, people came from. BRÅ has this time decided that such a detailed analysis is not meaningful.”
I can agree with. BRÅ’s “analysis” is rarely meaningful. However, a detailed account of the results desired.
It is not that BRÅ did not bother to produce values ​​for the countries of origin. They have obviously taken up all the results. It is after they have seen the results, they judge that there is “meaningful” to account for them. In other words, do the investigators on the BRÅ just how it is with the immigrants’ countries of origin for various categories of crime. Responsible ministers, both then and now, of course have been informed. Thomas Bodström (s), Beatrice Ask (m), Mona Sahlin (s), Erik Ullenhag (fp), Barbro Holmberg (s), Tobias Billström (m) and others.
The Liberal Party’s spokesman on refugee and integration issues Mauricio Rojas wrote on DN-debate a few days before the report was released in 2005:
“The sensitive issue, the report explains the concern probably also the slow process of publication of the report presented on Wednesday. The main statistical results have been calculated and analyzed for a long time, but the report’s publication has been delayed because new investigations and treatments deemed necessary depending on the substance of controversial nature.”
One who “examined” the material was a Polish former surveyors … * cough *
Among all the “treatments” was therefore to simply delete all the results of the criminal suspects’ countries of origin in relation to specific types of crime such as rape. An apparent cover-up. More than 2000 individual amounts reported in the first report is missing from “monitoring”.
BRÅ chooses words to conceal results they obtain in their investigations. Studies of the Swedish people pay through their taxes. To get an idea, we simply use the values ​​that emerged from the first report. It is certainly old numbers, but for the sake, they need not be misleading. Mauricio Rojas met with investigators nearly a year before the 2005 publication of the report:
“Last spring, I met two of those responsible for the report generation, among them the late January Ahlberg, who was also author of the report from 1996. It was a meeting that bore witness to a real nervousness that the publication of the new report led in some environments.
During the call, Ahlberg noted that the new report’s findings essentially confirmed the results of the previous report.”
If the new report’s findings essentially confirmed the findings of the previous report, the old figures to be pretty reliable.
Below(2), an evaluation for 2011 based on the information in BRÅ-report 1996:2 Table 2.3 (p. 107).

For the three columns that stand out: Rest of Europe, West Asia and Africa, it is to some extent that they represent large groups of immigrant population. But that’s not the whole explanation. The foreign born from Africa, for example, only 1500 more in population than the foreign born from Europe (yes, you read that right. In the age group 15-54 is the foreign-born Africans are more than the foreign-born from the Nordic countries). Although both groups are almost equal populations are held in Africa is much higher than that of the Nordic countries. It depends on Africans’ over-representation.
For Western Asia, it is mainly Iraq who pulls up the stack. The Iraqis are a major group in Sweden, and they happen to have the second highest over-representation of rape. Only North Africa has a higher value.
Could it possibly have been the result of this style as investigators on National Council came up with 2005? Results confirmed the initial report and made it possible to begin to draw conclusions. The conclusions, if they had been published, might have made people react. Reactions that might have made immigration a matter of choice in parliamentary elections a year later.
This we may never know, but one thing we know for certain: Survey results are available, but they are not released to the public.


An account of how I did the estimates can be found here.
1. Eftersom I took into account changes in sexual offenses Act 2005 came more rapes in Swedes stack. A large part of the “Swedish” rape is therefore of less severe kind. Such as before the change in legislation was headlined as sexual coercion.
2. All the charts I post in this topic is about estimates. Even those from BRÅ. No one has or will ever be fully cognizant of how crime is distributed. Simply because all crimes are not solved. The number of crimes in the bars is very accurate because I have chosen to convert percentages to the number of crimes, to make things a bit more substantial.
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Data Sources and links (in Swedish language)

BRÅ-Report 1996:2 “of immigrants and immigrants’ children’s Crime”
BRÅ-report 2005:17 “Criminality among persons born in Sweden and abroad.”
BRÅ-Report 2000:6 “Young people who rob people”
Foreign or Swedish background (fine structure), the entire kingdom, after the age of ten classes and gender. In 2002-2011
Population Demographics 1999 Part 3
Post-war immigration and emigration
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport,

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport,

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport,

Image result for gun free zone work

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport,

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport,

Image result for gun free zone work

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station

ISIS claims credit for terror attacks at Brussels airport, Metro station


DEVELOPING: ISIS has claimed credit for Tuesday morning’s rush-hour attacks in Brussels, which left at least 31 dead and more than 180 injured.
As many as 31 people were killed and more than 180 injured as coordinated terrorist bombings rocked the Brussels airport and subway system during rush hour Tuesday morning in the Belgian capital.

Two bombings at Zaventem Airport, where 11 people were reportedly killed, and another at the metro station in the Maelbeek section near the European Union headquarters, where the mayor's office said 20 were killed, were almost immediately confirmed as terrorism. The attack at the airport was reportedly accompanied by shouts in Arabic and gunfire, and an unexploded suicide belt was reportedly found in the aftermath.

"What we feared has happened, we were hit by blind attacks," said Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.

"We are at war,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday. “We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war."

The attacks, which Belgian authorities said were suicide bombings, came four days after the main suspect in the November Paris attacks was arrested in Brussels, and even as Brussels was braced for new attacks.

A source told Fox News that a credible ISIS social media account posted the message, “Mosul revenge for the Kuffar capital Brussels,” but it was not definitive that the terror group was behind the attacks.

The first two explosions rocked the departure hall at the Brussels airport shortly after 8 a.m. local time. Early reports placed the number of dead at 13, with as many as 81 wounded, although the death toll was later revised downward to 11. Witnesses told The Associated Press that one occurred at an American Airlines counter and the other near a Starbucks cafe.

American Airlines said in a statement that none of its employees were among the dead or injured and later tweeted from its verified account that the blast did not occur at its check-in row.

“There were two explosions in the departure area, one probably caused by a suicide bomber," said Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw of the attack on the airport.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Taharrush victim Nathalie, 29: They shouted "Swedish whore" and cut my breast with a razor blade And Swedish Police Do Nothing , So Much For The Liberal Utopia

NRIKES. Nathalie Hager, 29, was on her way home from a bus stop when a group of Arabic-speaking men suddenly attacked her outside a church. She managed to fight her way out of a gang rape but was left badly injured. 

"They beat me black and blue and cut into one of my breasts, while shouting at me that I was a Swedish whore," Nathalie told Fria Tider.

The attack took place near the church in the pittoresque town of Nora, west of Stockholm, late Tuesday night. Nathalie Hager, who has suffered memory lapses because of the hard blows she received to her head during the attempted gang rape, had followed a friend to the bus stop.

Later, she went back to the bus stop again, since her friend thought she had forgotten her gloves there. When Nathalie was walking home for the second time, she noticed a group of men walking briskly behind her. She called her boyfriend and started to run, but after a chase of about a hundred meters the men caught up with her.

"They pushed me down on my stomach and dragged me by my hair up a paved hill and into an alley. I have no memories of them beating me, but my face is all blue and swollen. They also cut into one of my breasts with something that must have been a carpet knife or a a razor blade, the wounds are long and narrow. I also have big black marks on my arms where they held me."

Came around when the rape was about to start
Ms. Hager has no recollection of what happened until when she saw the men pulling their trousers down.

"Then I came around and noticed that they had ripped up all of my clothes. Somehow I managed to get away, I guess I must have beat them and clawed my way free because my hands are blue and black and swollen. I also had blood under my nails, which has been sampled by the police.

While running away Nathalie saw her boyfriend 50 meters away. At that point, the men departed from the scene. Soon thereafter, at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, she contacted the police. She went to the police station to report the assault.
According to Nathalie, who has worked with Arabs, the men were about 30-35 years old and spoke Arabic with what she believes is the Syrian dialect. One of them was wearing a white baseball cap and the others regular winter caps.
"Swedish whore!"

"My friend, whom I had earlier followed to the bus stop, had observed a bunch of foreign guys at the bus stop after I walked away. Some of them climbed aboard the bus but three or four remained here," Nathalie said.

In addition to speaking Arabic, the men used a few simple insulting expressions in Swedish during the attempted gang rape.

"It was only dirty words. 'Swedish whore' or 'Swedish slut' and 'cunt'. No full sentences. In my impression, they spoke no Swedish except these words, so I assume they were asylum seekers."

According to Nathalie, the police have not been in contact with her since she reported the assault on Tuesday evening. She herself has tried to contact them, having discovered more injuries and having realized that some details of her recollection had been inaccurate. But nobody has called back.

"They dismissed me and said nobody could help me right now. I have to wait for an officer to be appointed for the case, they said. Now I can't get hold of anyone and nobody seems to want to help. I spent a long time on the phone with the police and was connected to different people. None of them showed any interest or took notes when I named persons, including my friend at the bus station who saw the men and most likely would be able to provide accurate descriptions of them."
Incorrect media reporting

The only newspaper that has reported on the assault is the local Nerikes Allehanda, NA, in a miniscule notice, skipping over the bruises and cuts inflicted on the victim. According to NA, the victim "got her jacket and other clothing torn" in connection with an attempted rape.

"It made me very angry to read the tiny article. I also know of several people, including female friends of mine, who have contacted NA in the past and told them about molestations that they had been subjected to. The newspaper never reported any of it," Nathalie Hager told Fria Tider.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Muslims CAN’T Be Peaceful ‘Religion of Peace’?

Muslims CAN’T Be Peaceful ‘Religion of Peace’?

Muslims CAN’T Be Peaceful ‘Religion of Peace’? The Barbaric Nature of Muslims

Ironically, it’s not so much muslims who push the ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ mantra as it is disingenuous white liberals who universally promote it.
Muslims mostly try to justify their bloody crimes against others under the banner of Islamic doctrine rather than spend their efforts seeking to persuade others of how ‘peaceful’ they are. Even muslims can’t deny all the horrors they bring upon others in the name of their pagan moon-god. Their only response is to excuse or justify it somehow. 

White westerners must ask themselves if these are the kinds of people we should be inviting to live among us? Are these very primitive people genuinely the kind who will adapt and assimilate to our customs and way of life? Will their presence promote peace and tolerance or will it cause only more strife and division? 

What good will it do to invite people to our countries who do nothing but stir up trouble wherever they dwell or immigrate to? Why would any nation intentionally invite hordes of muslim immigrants who make it clear that their sole purpose is to change the laws and destroy the indigenous people of their host nation? What nation in its right mind would do this?
Only nations that have been deceived by Leftist multicultural dogma would allow such immigration insanity to occur. Only countries bent on national suicide would enact immigration policies allowing muslims access to their land and enforcing laws designed to favor them and their religious-cultural customs.
Let it be known that what we witness in the brutal video above will become normative in the West if we choose to ignore the muslim plague. This is the fate of all ‘infidels’ who refuse to bow their knee to the pedophile prophet and his pagan myth-god. 

The muslims cannot be reasoned with. Their wrath cannot be assuaged. They respect only force – and that only of the most brutal kind. Nothing else will discourage their efforts. 

The West must either fight or die.

Muslims CAN’T Be Peaceful

Muslims CAN’T Be Peaceful

These Verses from the Qur’an Explain why Muslims CAN’T Be Peaceful






Which Muslims will respect non-Muslims as fellow human beings?

Many Westerners claim that they have good Muslim friends. They therefore reason that Muslims are just as respectful as other people. But is “friendship” a reliable test? Perhaps not.
There are numerous verses in the Qur’an instructing Muslims to not be friends with the non-Muslims:
  • [Surah 3:27] “Let not the believers take the disbelievers for friends rather than believers. And whoever does this has no connection with Allah unless it is done [deceptively] to guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully.
  • [5:54] O ye who believe, take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors. They are but friends and protectors to each other.
  • [60:1] “O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies (i.e. disbelievers and polytheists) as friends, showing affection towards them, while they have disbelieved in what has come to you of the truth”
  • [60:4] “Indeed there has been an excellent example for you in Ibraaheem (Abraham) and those with him, when they said to their people: ‘Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allaah, we have rejected you, and there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred for ever until you believe in Allaah Alone’”
How do Muslims understand these verses? One commentator writes (; fatwa 59879):
  • “Undoubtedly the Muslim is obliged to hate the enemies of Allaah and to disavow them, because this is the way of the Messengers and their followers.
  • “Based on this, it is not permissible for a Muslim to feel any love in his heart towards the enemies of Allaah who are in fact his enemies too. Allaah says”:
  • “But if a Muslim treats them with kindness and gentleness in the hope that they will become Muslim and will believe, there is nothing wrong with that, because it comes under the heading of opening their hearts to Islam. But if he despairs of them becoming Muslim, then he should treat them accordingly.”
How then, if Muslims follow the Qur’an, can any non-Muslim be sure they would not be hurt or killed? And how can any non-Muslim approve of those Muslims who do follow the Qur’an and hurt non-Muslims?